You CAN teach French!
Norma Allen
Since 1995, Nallenart has been producing educational workbooks, flashcards, and other material for teaching French at home and in the classroom.

Choose the French curriculum that is best suited for your students:

  • L'Art de DIRE (say): Grades K-3
  • L'Art de LIRE (read): Grades 3-8
  • L'Art d'ÉCRIRE (write): Grade 9

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The French Curriculum Club at Nallenart provides your school or homeschool with downloadable resources for teaching French.

Benefits to club members include:

+ Free registration and free access to supplementary teaching aids.

+ Low cost, reproducible resources for your classroom or homeschool.

+ Instant access to your curriculum and teaching aids.

+ An environmentally responsible solution.

+ The option to choose specific content for your students.

+ A community where ideas can be shared and questions can be answered.

Find out how it is even possible for you to get your full French curriculum for free!

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Teach French in Your Homeschool

French Signposts

Can parents who don't know how to speak French really teach their children?

Sometimes teaching parents are reluctant to include second language studies in their homeschools. They feel like they don't have the background or skills to do a proper job. But, as any craftsman will tell you, having the right tools can make all the difference!

Since 1995, Nallenart has been providing homeschooling families with easy to use curriculum for teaching French at home. People tell me, "My children are teaching themselves." That's how easy it is to use!

“My children are teaching themselves.”

"What is best for my family?"

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When I first started homeschooling, back in 1983, there weren't many options available when it came to curriculum. Now there are so many choices that it can be hard to make a decision on what is best. That's why I have made the French Curriculum Club available. You can try before you buy.

There are tons of free downloadables at the site. Lapbooking kits, podcasts, slide shows, sample worksheets, puzzles... all free for you to try!

In addition, there are several informative articles on teaching French. These are drawn from my research and from my experience teaching French in my homeschool, in the classroom from grades 4-8, and online to high school students.

“Wow! Free French resources!”

Join the French Curriculum Club

Membership is free. Everyone who becomes a member of The French Curriculum Club at Nallenart is also automatically enrolled in our affiliate program. Please see the Affiliate FAQ for details.

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